TPE/TPR is a elastomer material with high strength, high resilience,wide application range,environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, and excellent coloring.They can be used in injection, extrusion, casting, blow molding, etc.Widely used in automotive field, pet toys field, fitness products, medical equipment, industrial products, stationery, and daily necessities. 


Single material application

Direct injection molding production of soft plastic toys, luggage accessories, cushioning, damping parts.TPE material with good softness and good elasticity, easy to process, can meet the needs of customers.


Dual and multi - material applications

TPE is very popular in multi-material application. Covering the product with a layer of TPE with comfortable feel can make the product more contemporary. Its comfortable touch and excellent physical performance are well received by consumers.When multiple materials co-plastic, ABS, PC, PA, PP, PS and other plastics can be firmly bonded, TPE/TPR can adjust the variety of physical properties and hardness, so that designers can give play to unlimited design inspiration.Application cases: tool handles, sports equipment, wheels, electronic materials, daily necessities, etc.


Food utensils

Meet the requirements of food hygiene, high temperature and low temperature resistance, can meet the overall requirements of food appliances.TPE feels comfortable, stops sliding, and is easy to match into colorful colors to give play to design inspiration and make life more colorful.Application: tableware handle, tableware spoon, fork, cover, non-slip coasters, refrigerator ice bar, etc.


Medical devices

TPE is in line with the trend of green environmental protection and health of medical food, excellent drug resistance, good touch, increase the product's function and comfort.Application cases;Medical tube, disposable infusion set, gas mask, bottle stopper, ear ball, etc.


extruded product

TPE has good uv resistance and chemical resistance, simple extrusion process, is a new ideal material to replace the traditional rubber and PVC.Application case: headphone cable, USB cable, cable, building seal strip, door and window rubber strip, anti-collision buffer strip, etc.


Special soft product

TPE conforms to human skin contact hygiene requirements and is recognized as a green environmental protection material.High transparency, high tensile strength, high elongation and flexible touch (skin-like intimacy) are highly sought after by consumers.Experience the intimate soft touch and attentive care brought by TPE/TPR materials.Application cases: special soft toys, female breast enhancement pads, adult products, etc.